Flat Roofs

Flat roof installation is a fantastic way of protecting your property and utilising the space available to you. Ideal for smaller structures such as garages, extensions and porches, flat roofs comprise compact design and space-saving benefits. They allow for the installation of roof top gardens, air conditioning units, furniture and accessories, solar panels, satellite dishes and much more. Additionally, they enable you to make use of high-level interior spaces such as attics and top floors resulting in a considerable increase in property value.

Flat roofs also offer more accessibility for much needed attention such as guttering maintenance. Flat roofs require fewer materials than other roofs and construction and installation can be completed quickly. Offering high levels of efficiency and economic advantages they are an ideal way of improving and complementing your property. Our skilled team can install your flat roof and ensure it offers your domestic, commercial or industrial property all the protection it needs. When re-roofing flat roofs we have options for different sizes of insulation boards which are 50ml, 75ml and 100ml.

Examples of Work